New technology is unlocking the potential for coral restoration at scale.

While The Coral Project continues to support planting partners who actively grow and plant healthy, new coral, we are also taking a proactive approach to develop standardized incubators that can be installed in coastal communities around the globe.



Responding to Challenges

In our ongoing mission to aid coral reef restoration efforts, we have seen human ingenuity at its finest. Individual organizations and coral enthusiasts alike have built complex custom infrastructure that allows them to regrow coral efficiently and effectively. However, a lack of standardization continues to inhibit the development of a true global response effort to our coral crisis.


A custom incubator in the Florida Keys.


A New Standard

By combining the knowledge of our selected panel of advising fellows & coral experts with the expertise of our general contracting partner, Coastal Evolution we are creating a standard model for incubators that can be installed efficiently. These standardized models effectively maintain the delicate conditions required for coral regrowth and serve as a foundation for a new standard of data collection and global network of restoration efforts.




Empowering Coastal Communities

The development of the new standardized incubators is not just critical for coral reef restoration but for the sustainable growth of coastal communities. These incubators have the capacity to create jobs and align sustainability & financial goals that empowers the action required to truly tackle environmental challenges at scale.


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