Coral Reef Restoration

Coral Reefs are one of our planets most important assets. Not only are they crucial for our survival, they also play a significant role in the economic prosperity of our coastal communities, and countries at large.

  • Coral reefs support 25% of all marine species on the planet. (WWF)
  • 90% of the world’s corals projected to die by 2050 because of climate-related temperature increases. (Scientific American)
  • 500+ Million people worldwide depend on coral reefs for food, income, coastal protection and more. (AIMS)

    Coral regrowth can be accomplished by a few different methods. Most start with microfragmentation then move into different phases. Coral regrowth time and methods can also vary depending on the type of coral and time of planting.



    By breaking living coral into smaller pieces, we can incite rapid growth that is much faster than traditional planting. The process works much like our own skin regrows after cuts or injuries. These corals are then grown in an incubator until they are ready for planting.




    Coral Farming

    Coral farming also uses microfragmentation to kickstart rapid coral growth but bypasses the incubator stage and grows coral directly in the ocean until they are ready to transfer to live reefs.





    Once a coral is ready for new life on the reef, it is carefully transported & out-planted by a highly specialized dive team. Because coral are fragmented off of the same host, they are able to fuse together in the ocean, creating new, healthy reefs.



    Our Process

    It all starts with you! When you adopt a coral, we connect with one of our Official Planting Partners and initiate the process.

    Coral growth methods can vary depending on time of planting and location. We let you know where and by which method your coral is growing, once growth is underway. Progress and health are monitored daily. Your coral fragment grows for 6-8 months into a healthy, resilient, coral.


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