Our Mission

The Coral Project is an organization committed to restoring our Coral Reefs. We are actively planting new resilient corals on reefs around the world with the help of our planting partners. We are also forming strategic partnerships and investing in new technologies & infrastructure that enable coral reef restoration efforts to form and thrive in coastal communities around the globe.

We believe we can turn the tide on our planet's coral crisis by growing and planting resilient coral that have withstood climate change and coral bleaching. We work with people who can actually make a difference in our oceans.

We fund our mission by creating and selling products that allow you to join us in our mission. When you participate in our coral regrowth program, we show you exactly where your money is going. We act with honesty, integrity, and transparency. We believe we can do it together, with your help. Because, our oceans are depend on it. On us. 


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