Ted Lavoie


Ted Lavoie, Manager brings over 30 years of financial, capital, infrastructure and strategic partnership formation experience. Contract negotiation expertise (CFO, CEO, Treasure) Public company governance skills (Director, Audit Committee Chair) an over eight years working with not-for-profit large 501(c) entities (The Salvation Army, Finance Committee Chair and Treasurer).

Named by the SEC as a financial expert, for The Coral Project, Ted will ensure that our operations and finances are efficiently, and transparently run. His board governance and nonprofit executive experience will ensure an accountable path for each coral planted. Your bracelet purchase will plant a coral - he will be responsible for the stewardship of that process.

Ted will use his experience establishing and executing contracts with strategic partners, in our efforts to negotiate and execute sponsorship agreements with corporations and philanthropic partners, to help The Coral Project scale to produce the volume of coral needed to bring color back to the ocean.

Ted earned his MBA from Loyola Marymount University (Finance and Management systems).  Ted is also an avid sailor (he admits “not in their league” since he only raced Hobie 18 catamarans) diver, kayaker and cyclist, with a love of the ocean since he learned to sail Sabots on Mission Bay in San Diego at eight years old.

Ted’s had a passion for ventures in alternative and cleaner energy (removing particulate emissions and CO2 from coal oil and natural gas-fired power plants), biofuels development (as an alternative to diesel fuels), energy-efficient safer lighting (light-pipes) and in building sustainable businesses.

When not working on a new venture you can find him restoring classic bicycles, cycling, kayaking, or on LinkedIn!


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