Coral Regrowth Program


Coral is crucial and it is disappearing. Fast. With over 90% of the worlds coral expected to die by 2050, the time to reverse the trend is now. 

When you participate in our coral regrowth program you fund the growth and out-planting of one new resilient coral. Your coral will be grown with one of our Official Planting Partners. Once your coral has reached appropriate maturity it is out-planted for a new life on a reef. We’ll keep you updated on reef restoration efforts and current planting zones along the way via email.

You also become part of our Coral Community. The Coral Project Bracelet is our gift to you. Our thank you, a symbol of your support to be worn and shared proudly. Purposefully subtle - our intent is a gentle daily reminder of your commitment to coral and a healthy ocean environment. Handcrafted using dark blue glass seed beads symbolic of the deep ocean and one living coral bead sitting center.

Spread the word - Together we can save our coral reefs.

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